• Has posted a 40% leap in operating profit in its annual results and reiterated a strategy to more than double its housebuilding to 4,000 homes a year.

    The group produced an operating profit of £63.2m

  • Your small business needs a website to establish a reliable online presence, attract new customers, and provide a great impression of your products and services.

    Websites can be costly to build and t

  • Boost social media and digital promotions in summer months said Vernon Irvin, president of CenturyLink.

    This strategy is a cost-effective way engage with current customers and grow that base as well.

  • Step 3: Reassessing Portfolio Weightings

    Once you have an established portfolio, you need to analyze and rebalance it periodically, because market movements may cause your initial weightings to chang

  • For a small business, this can be substantial, but so can the effort and cost of properly managing it. Once you have a budget, big or small, there are several options available when your SMB is ready

  • In soccer, an “own goal” occurs when a player causes the ball to go into his or her own team’s goal, resulting in a goal being scored for the other team.

    This can happen in trade, too. One example fr

  • When least expected, a small business owner may be subjected to a professional liability lawsuit. 

    These suits may claim that you’ve been negligent or made an error or omission while performing your

  • Businesses that suffer from this common syndrome may stay ahead of the competition, but they fail to meet customer expectations.

    Here’s a classic business maxim that was an article of faith for gener

  • When small business owners think about adding new markets to their sales strategy, often they are considering moving into a different part of their home area or perhaps crossing the border into a neig

  • Corporate Financial Advisors.

    Wall Street attracted the ire of the world following the 2007 financial crisis, and its role in the crisis led to greater scrutiny and regulation for the financial secto

  • Mobilizing your business allows you to expand your customer base, run a lean operation and boost the bottom line.

    Business practices are transforming, and service-based companies in particular can no

  • Non-Profits

    Want to put your business skills to work helping others? VII Capital Funds found these very basic steps on the IRS and other State websites to start a charity (which vary from state to st

  • Understanding the dynamics of securing financing for commercial mortgage and their knowledge of the loan-evaluation process. 

    The first deal involves a skilled-nursing facility located in a midsize c

  • You need to spend money to make money. 

    But do not break the bank in order to market your small business online.

    When it comes to marketing your small business online, you need to be willing to spen

  • This is a question most commercial mortgage brokers and Lenders are going to face at one time or another, since there are many small-business owners who will not qualify for traditional financing. 


  • A direct lender is any financial institution that can offer a mortgage, including commercial banks with a slew of services and savings and loan associations, aka thrifts. 

    If you choose to find a mor

  • Central Bank board members are aiming to keep inflation under control and some believe further interest rate increases may be needed to contain price pressures, minutes of the bank’s latest meeting sh

  • With the help of SEO and other online marketing tactics—allowed Chris Abrams to grow his business from one state to 31.

    When Chris Abrams started his company, Abrams Insurance Solutions, his website

  • Has gained a great amount of influence in today's financial marketplace, but few people actually understand the ins and outs of the industry. 

    This article breaks down the topic, discussing the types

  • Allows high-net-worth individuals and a variety of institutions to directly invest in and acquire equity ownership in companies. 

    Funds may consider purchasing stakes in private firms or public compa

  • Not is a FIXED office building? No formal street shop? You will need to work harder to earn the trust of prospects and customers.

    Credibility is one of the biggest challenges that home-based business

  • The ROI calculation remains the same for every type of investment. 

    The variation, and the danger for investors, comes in how costs and returns are accounted for. 

    Here are some commonly mishandled

  • An investor cannot evaluate any investment, whether it's a stock, bond, rental property, collectible or option, without first understanding how to calculate return on investment (ROI). 

    This calculat

  • In both Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy events, shareholders of the companies filing for bankruptcy will most likely see little, if any, return on their investments. 

    However, there are some sign

  • Every company, regardless of size, should map out their efforts to attract new customers and retain existing ones, hence….a marketing plan is required.

  • That’s right: You can deduct both office supplies and office furniture.

  • You might already be well aware that you can deduct your business’ rent payments from your taxes—and even if you work from home, you can calculate a percentage of your rent to deduct based off of how

  • Pros: Low operating costs. Remote companies do not have to pay rent or purchase office buildings. While they typically supply computers to employees, they do not have to buy office furniture or other

  • The employees, business partners or family members of the deceased owner may find themselves struggling to find the funds needed to complete the purchase of the business interest.

  • La Quinta Holdings Inc. Is planning to spin off the ownership of its hotels through a REIT, CorePoint Lodging Inc., in a process that would involve the refinancing of some $1.7 billion of debt.

  • Flexible financing

    Many traditional lending sources need to “check all the boxes” and provide very little flexibility outside their underwriting guidelines. But private-equity funds can be more flexi

  •  Pre-recession, there were numerous lending resources providing aggressive construction and bridge loans, but that is no longer the case.

  • Under the U.S. legal system, a fiduciary duty is the legal term describing the relationship between two parties that obligates one to act solely in the interest of the other. 

  • The impact of working capital changes are reflected in a firm’s cash flow statement
    Working capital represents the difference between a firm’s current assets and current liabilities.

  • Accountants use revenue and sales figures to build financial statements, and investors use these statements to analyze company fundamentals.

  • A letter of credit is an obligation taken on by a bank to make a payment once certain criteria are met. Once these terms are completed and confirmed, the bank will transfer the funds. 

  • A quick way for investors to determine the general value of a stock compared to other investments in the market Financial ratios and multiples – including metrics like debt-to-equity ratio, price-earn

  • In its purest form, a basic income is an unconditional, periodic cash payment that the government makes to everyone. 

  • Places to Live and retire- (Part 5 of 5)  


    During 2016 the Colombian peso averaged an exchange rate of 3,100 pesos to $1 USD, making it an extremely affordable place to live. The actual cos

  • Places to Live and retire-Part 4 of 5


    In a country that captures the imagination of the Spirit and ancients, Peru has long been a destination for tourists seeking outdoor adventures, spectacula

  • Places to Retire and Live- Part 3 of 5


    When winding down from the normal U.S. lifestyle, remember you cannot take it with you but you can spend what you have better and receive more of a f

  • (Part 2 of 5)

    As the World changes, countries once embroiled in tradition now look to change and accept others on their own terms. 

    Take Cambodia as a prime example, Western-style apartments are ava

  • (Part 1 of 5) American concerned about retiring should look overseas………………Vietnam has become a popular destination in Southeast Asia for both expats and tourists.

  • Leasing activity across Asia Pacific continues to strengthen but to a varying degree. With pent-up demand in some of the core locations and service sector growth positive, 2015 is expected to see furt

  • Rate rises are often accompanied by a relaxation of credit standards We would expect that will be the case this time as well. Some housing experts are expecting lenders to lower underwriting standards


    For the third consecutive year, retaining its title ahead of runner-up Hong Kong, according to research published today in Cushman & Wakefield's annual Office Space Across the World global rankings

  • Singapore's once-bubbly property market has been stabilizing in the wake of a slew of cooling measures, the city-state's central bank chief said. 

  • Hurdles to buying real estate in another country can be coming up with the capital required to close on the purchase. That is not to say that financing in a foreign country is out of the question. In

  • New office supply during 2016 touched 35 million square feet, with India's office stock reaching a milestone of over 0.5 billion square feet (as of Q4 2016) - higher than several East Asian economies.

  • Offshoring and layoffs, of course, are nothing new, nor probably are conversations like the one related by the worker. 

  • The meetings with more than 100 Chilean lumber-producing companies, trade organizations and government officials were extremely productive according to NAHB.  

  • You can expect the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, but look for it to shy away from the bigger question looming for financial markets: How does the shock outcome of the presidential election

  • MGIC, rarely operating outside the domestic market-based mortgage insurance peers by, has decided the time is right to revisit the global opportunities and has hired an executive to draw up an interna

  • Reynolds & Reynolds, a provider of document-management software for automotive dealers, has acquired International Document Services, a provider of mortgage-document services. Reynolds & Reynolds, in

  • Recent rapid increases in property loans in China pose “new challenges” for the government as it seeks to ensure the nation’s financial stability at a time of rising bad debt, a senior banking regulat

  • Europe Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

    EMEA was home to the world's most expensive market, with London West End at US$277 per sq. ft. per annum. Development restrictions in the West End keep vacancy rate

  • The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) announced today that it forecasts $1.10 trillion in purchase mortgage originations during calendar year 2017, an 11 percent increase from 2016.  In contrast, MBA

  • India and Iran aim to strike a deal by March to develop an Iranian gas field with estimated in-place reserves of 18.75 trillion cubic feet, the Indian government said in a statement on Wednesday.

  • Some of the world's most advanced economies may club together to sell growth-linked bonds, creating a market that could help avert future debt crises, sources familiar with discussions among Group of

  • The Bank of Japan is likely to hold off on expanding stimulus next week despite an expected downgrade in its price forecast that may show Governor Haruhiko Kuroda won't see inflation hit his 2 percent

  • Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said on Tuesday that there were limits to the central bank's ability to ignore the effect of sterling's slide on inflation, as policymakers consider whether to cut

  •  Home sales rose to their highest level since before the financial crisis and were 25% higher than a year earlier, the Census Bureau said last week.

    But while news of a 592,000 annual rate was positi


    Mortgage affordability is worse today than it was historically in San Jose, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Portland.

    A buyer making the U.S. median income and buying the median-valued home


    The Recession has left a long spot on the face of the mortgage industry. Between experienced professionals who headed for the exits during the housing meltdown and years when no new talent entered

  • Analysis of the Census Bureau Survey of Construction (SOC) data shows that non-conventional forms of financing new single-family home purchases remained elevated in 2015, accounting for more than a th

  • Since the housing bubble, older Americans have been more likely to hold onto – or purchase – homes relative to younger Americans, driving up the typical age of the American homeowner.

    •Whites continu

  • Ready to apply for a loan to grow your small business? It pays to be prepared before you fill out a single page of paperwork or step foot inside a bank. Insufficient research or information gathering

  •  Over the year, the country’s largest metro areas have steadily added jobs, the Labor Department said Wednesday.

    That growth has expanded the workforce in many places as people come off the sidelines

  • Comparing banking in the 1950s to today, we find giant changes that surely would have astonished the bankers of that earlier time. What’s the biggest and most important one?

    You might nominate the sh

  • Kelsey Ramirez July 6, 2016 . Women are the primary borrower on 32% of Millennial mortgages. Retrieved from www.thehousingwire.com

    Within the Millennial generation, women were listed as the primary b

  • Different Lending Rules?

    With the emergence of online real estate investment trusts, digital marketplaces and crowdfunding platforms, private lending and private equity are colliding as never before.

  • After many billions of dollars spent in design and construction, and now over 20 months behind schedule, soon the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) will officially open its new gates to toll-paying contain

  • Brexit Drives Mortgage Application Activity Surge so says the MBA

    Mortgage applications increased 14.2% from one week earlier as rates dropped in reaction to the Brexit vote, according to data from t

  • You can’t fight City Hall. At least, that’s what the proverbial ‘they’ would have you believe, and it is a lesson that many builders around the country are beginning to learn for themselves. At least

  • As Trulia reports, while the San Francisco Bay Area is still home to the fastest moving markets with 42 percent of the homes for sale lasting on the market for a month or less, the pace is actually be

  • Borrowers who have defaulted in the past are generally considered to be a bigger risk than those who have never missed a payment. Yet the early performance of bonds backed by rehabbed residential mort

  • The Federal Housing Finance Agency announced Wednesday it had raised a cap on the amount of multifamily loans Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can buy from lenders, boosting it to $35 billion effective imme

  • George Costanza’s prayers may have finally been answered; is it possible that living with your mom has become a cool thing? Every single year over the past decade, the number of working-age Millennial

  • Many institutions stacked their balance sheets with CRE loans in recent years, particularly in areas such as multifamily lending. Now there is evidence regulators may soon require those banks to maint