Resorts and Hotels

resort construction loan

International Commercial Loans for Resort and Hotel with loan financing and developments are on the rise worldwide. Looking at the investment records from this last decade, it is clear that more than 100 billion in US funds from US companies and investors have been infused to develop, refurbish and purchase existing Resorts and Hotels.

More and more brand companies are featuring and promoting time shares and luxury resorts as a way to offset their ordinary hotel chain line and remake themselves.

VII has captured a niche market in this industry sector by supplying much needed funding plans to small and medium companies that are combing outdated underperforming hotels and resorts into cash flowing investments. Up to 25% of all small Hotel and Resort projects are from start-up companies who need that little extra financial capital to move them into the prosperity realm.

We have higher LTV and experienced risk assessment managers that allow our startup, and underperforming clients to excel where others have fallen short. Location, size, number of keys along with amenities and service personnel are a driving force in this market arena.

VII has the funding platform for almost any location and property type.