Industrial & Retail Loans

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Industrial/Retail commercial lending and international financing are a part of financial markets at VII.  For over 21 years, VII has found niche markets to expand upon in the Industrial, Retail and Commercial sectors. As a Private Development Company we specialize in the Commercial Financing.

Our Decades of Experience and Asset Managerial ability aid our commercial clients with higher LTV and longer time frames. Understanding the industry means better loan conditions and terms.

Working with multiple lending and other financial products over several platforms, VII brings an entrepreneurial partnership capable of performing large to small commercial development lending structures which allows our clients the time required to stabilize the project and realize their goals.

This Industrial and Retail Lending Product is congruent among many different spectrums which utilize our partnership programs and other direct partners.

Commercial Retail and Industrial loans have tight guidelines and criteria to start with, why not work with a proven lending partner that has the ability to bring the right funding structure to the table.

Having a lending approach outside of the normal matrix of Commercial Lending, VII. experienced partners, having performed similar project scenarios while providing partnerships that works for the long term.

Land Development

private lenders land development viiCommercial Lending on Land Development and A & D loans (Acquisition and Development) are financial loans made for the purchase and sale of property. An advance of funds secured by a mortgage for improvements in order to convert raw land into construction ready sites is part of VII overall portfolio of secured interests. A & D loans are a primary in many of our partner platform portfolios, they are a catalyst for any large commercial undertaking but carry upfront risk when not coupled with tight conforming measures. We have several financial products for non-conforming land loans within our platforms. We work with A&D loan requests with up to 85% purchase and as little as a 15% borrower's down payment (and higher) as well 5% to 8% for cash out refinancing based on managed criteria of expenditures. Parcels that already have a tentative map for residential subdivision will be eligible for a refinance in the range of 60% to 80% of value and or if the current owner has the property up-zoned.

Commercial Agriculture

strawberry farm construction loanAgricultural Commercial Lending and Financing, whether international or domestic is by far a specialized process any lender can perform. Here at VII, we have risen to meet the high demand of today's international and domestic farming institutions. Our broad based knowledge includes Sustainable Intensive Farming, Aquaculture, Managed Intensive Rotational Grazing, Confined Animal Feeding Operations, System of Crop Intensification (SCI) and other Techniques and Technologies.

These have allowed us to produce new lending products and policies that enhance our capabilities far beyond those of other lenders. Whether it's the Green Revolution with Miracle Seeds, Pesticides or Synthetic Fertilizers, VII Lending Products can support most types and sizes of international or domestic lending.

Not to mention farming equipment and machinery that underdeveloped countries can benefit by.

Renovations & Construction

renovation and construction loansCommercial, Construction, Renovations, Remodeling, Rehab Lending and Financing Loans are what VII performs.We hold 2 separate Certifications in the Construction Industry and has done so for over 2 decades. We also understand the basic needs of companies engaging in this industry as well as the financial difficulties this industry brings. Material shortages, Labor overruns, weather delays and even disruptions……International Construction brings great challenges that we have met head on with success. We have the knowledge and expertise to understand complex industry standards, new material components, safety and material standards as well as Commercial Loan practices.

We work with multiple sectors in the Construction Industry for lending and can aid in many areas within the international and domestic markets. Whether our borrowers perform renovations, additions or just plain ground up construction, VII has a Construction loan/Corporate Loan that will suit your needs internationally or domestically.

Alternate Energy and Fuels

clean energy loanNon-Conventional Commercial Loans for Biomass, Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Hydroelectric;lending and financing energy for international and domestic projects. In today's world, energy is a demanding resource that is harder to find and more expensive to acquire.

By 2050, one-third of the world's energy will need to come from solar, wind, and other renewable resources says British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell.

These include Biomass Energy, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Geothermal Energy, Hydroelectric Energy sources.

Here at VII we have been engaged in this sector over 10 years with a multitude of projects ranging from bio-fuels to solar panel manufacturers.

Alternate Energy requires a special financial product combined with a long term commitment which will ensure the mature growth and a positive sustainability of a project with Non-Conventional Commercial Loans.

As part of our commitment to alternate energy lending, VII is working with different platform partners and several government agencies to solve logistical issues, financial law conformity and economical tax advantages associated with specific regions internationally. Allowing for a broad based conformity within international guidelines, we can work together to bring about the highest and best use of these regional assets.

We believe this is part of the lending future with alternate energy and are prepared to meet the challenges that are inherent in this sector.

Resorts and Hotels

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International Commercial Loans for Resort and Hotel with loan financing and developments are on the rise worldwide. Looking at the investment records from this last decade, it is clear that more than 100 billion in US funds from US companies and investors have been infused to develop, refurbish and purchase existing Resorts and Hotels.

More and more brand companies are featuring and promoting time shares and luxury resorts as a way to offset their ordinary hotel chain line and remake themselves.

VII has captured a niche market in this industry sector by supplying much needed funding plans to small and medium companies that are combing outdated underperforming hotels and resorts into cash flowing investments. Up to 25% of all small Hotel and Resort projects are from start-up companies who need that little extra financial capital to move them into the prosperity realm.

We have higher LTV and experienced risk assessment managers that allow our startup, and underperforming clients to excel where others have fallen short. Location, size, number of keys along with amenities and service personnel are a driving force in this market arena.

VII has the funding platform for almost any location and property type.

Commercial Multifamily Condo

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Multi-Family loans, New Home Development Financing and Condo Development loans are on the rise in the US and an integral part of the construction industry. This industry sector has faltered in recent years and will continue to rise and fall in future cycles. Here at VII we are ready to handle the down cycles; finding opportunity with risk assessment and clarity as well, act upon the up cycles with speed and efficiency.

Part of our Licensing is through Certification in the Construction Industry, we have decades of experience and understand what Developers and Contractors experience in dealing with an ongoing business. The proper lending approach provides our clients with the right sources of funds through debt structures or a combination of equity and debt.

Many of the specialty lending programs used combine market advantages that are unparalleled and allow for a higher rate of risk and LTV not found in the industry.

Machinery and Equipment


Loans for Machinery and Equipment, International/Domestic are specialized lenders required by many borrowers in the financial sector. Many special financing features that may not be attainable to them are just outside of their reach. Many commercial borrowers have the financials to apply for a straight loan purchase of Machinery and equipment, but those who do not or have special equipment requirements and or specific Machinery needs can apply for our in-house partnership credit program.

Structuring a non-conforming commercial partnership in order to acquire enough credit worthiness to apply for lines of credit is one of the great things we do.

Working with large to small suppliers and partners, under our matrix we can facilitate purchase agreements to our borrowers with specific requirements for expansion of operations and or updating of their existing operations.

International requirements for added or upgrades of machinery allows our clients the latest products and affordable lending and leasing programs to date. Whether updating, adding, revamping or consolidating your business, VII can structure these types of loans for your specific needs and requirements.