Private Lending Programs

design team meeting 1VII Capital Funds has multiple programs and products contained within our lending platform to solve most issues. Whether you are purchasing, refinancing, building, rehabbing or ground up construction, VII has a product for you and a workable solution for most scenarios domestically or internationally. Working on several fronts and with private partners, VII can create funding solutions workable and within budgets.

Private Loan Types

Property Types

  Auto Body Mechanical Repair Shops
Acquisition & Development Car Washes
Bank to Bank Loans Commercial and Industrial Warehouse
Debt Financing Commercial Apartments
Distressed Borrowers Commercial Office Buildings
Equity Financing International Land Development
Foreign National Loans Commercial Retail Centers
Full Documentation Commercial Loans Convenience Stores
Green Energy Loans Conversions
International Assets Gas Stations
Interest Only Golf Courses and Marinas
International Commercial Loans Hospitality Hotel / Motel
International Commercial Loans Hydro-Power Plants
International Corporate Loans International Agricultural Loans
International Joint Ventures International Airports
Joint Ventures International Equipment/Machinery
Line of Credit International Forestry, Mills, Lumber loans
Non-Conventional International Lending  International Hydro-Power plants
Non-Recourse International Mines
SBLC International Mixed Use Development
Stock Options International Oil Riggs / Wells
  International Raw Land
  International Resorts
  Medical Complexes / Offices
  Mobile Home Parks
  New Residential Development
  Owner Occupied Business
  Self Storage Facilities
  Special Purpose Properties
  Taverns and Small Hotels