Company Disclosure

VII Capital Funding is a privately-held Corporation specializing in commercial real estate lending matters utilizing funds of its partnership participants and other private lending partners. VII. is not a Savings and Loan, Depository Bank institution and is not a licensed security broker-dealer. Any representation to the contrary made by anyone affiliated with VII, or claiming to be affiliated with VII should not be relied upon for any purpose. For a more detailed description of the company, refer to VII website at No person is authorized to bind, execute or deliver, on behalf of VII. Any commitment (written or otherwise) to make a loan or extend any type of financing or credit to any party unless such a person shall hold a position with VII of Vice President or higher. VII Capital Funds is in the process of registering with the SEC as a Business Development Company.

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  • SEC 506 Regulation D, Private Placement Program can range from One Hundred Fifty Thousand to Two Hundred Fifty Thousand USD, plus, (not refundable) depending on structure, location, borrowers credit and other items. 
  • Site Inspections and Asset Meetings are in addition to Third-Party Online Feasibility reports and can range from Eighteen Thousand to Sixty-Eight Thousand USD (not refundable).
  • All loan requests are made through VII Capital Funds Private Placement Program which is through the SEC 506 Regulation D Program and administered by our Third Party Legal Firm. 
  • Each Project is different with location, borrower and asset type, and accordingly inspection costs and asset meetings will vary by Third Party Companies VII Capital Funds Uses.